About Us

AHM Group Life Technologies which serve from 2002 until today with its production and commercial experience necessary to create a corporate culture. To provide quality production services has become Our most basic principle in Turkey. Therefore we are producing according to international standarts in our factory which was established in an area of 1,000 m2 GMP “CLASS C” in the environment.In order to increase our production and our quality of service; we provide high performance. Such as ISO and CE quality certificate and our goal with our position in the international market.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to work with a high educated magnificant team for being leader in the daily changing technology. We always work on increasing the productivity and developing corporate minded the medical technology. Using the latest methods and be leader in creating latest and better systems. Adopted to a managing approach through customer focused strategies and furthermore systematic but sensible thinking. Next to show respect to other cultures and be open-minded. It’ s a fundamental status-mission for our establishment to show endeavor superior work-ethic and to set an example with honesty and fair behaviour while keeping quality and prolificness at the fore front.
Our Vision
Being part of the World’s best Manufacturers by combining excellent knowledge with the latest technology. Facilitate technology and industry by investing high effort-performance and stick in mind as the first preferred Brand for providing rapid healing of the human health. Be a respected and followed Company because of sustained innovative and improving activities within the Branch. Work for both consumers and employees’s entire satisfaction and be a proprietorial brand.