Polymer Ligation Clips

Polymer Ligation Clips
  • polimer-klips-sidePolymer ligation clips are intended to marking or ligating of any tissue structures or vessels during an operation for hemostasis
  • All cartridges are packed with 6 clips
  • Non-absorbable materials, anti-microbial, non-toxic in human tissues.
  • Biocompatible with human body
  • Ligation of tissue penetration, convenience, rapid and rather safe
  • Specific design locking system facilitate safe closure
  • Applicator handling point
  • Facilitate effective and safe closure
  • Specific design serrations prevent slipping on tissues and vessels
  • Flexible fulcrum makes effective locking on clips through overlapping its both sides.
  • Applicator handling point
  • Effective and safe locking point



  • Specific design serrations inside polymer clips cling to tissue and prevent slipping
  • No tissue reactivity, no tissue adhesion
  • Facilitate safe, easy and fast usage on laparotomic surgery and laparoscopic surgery
  • Made out of non-absorbable polymer
  • It has durable and strength structure and maintain its shape for a long term.
  • Easy to access with flexible corner, straight and curved applicator
  • No visualization and no negative effect on X-ray, MRI or CT
  • Easy displacement